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Tag Services

We offer the following services:

Permanent MVA Tags

WTL Tag and Title will provide immediate full vehicle registration for two years if the vehicle has been inspected.

Temporary Tags

A vehicle without inspection will receive hard tags with 30-day registration. Once inspected, obtain renewal for one or two years.

Return Tag

We provide a cancellation receipt. Insurance should not be canceled until tags are returned. Refunds are issued with registrations having more than one year remaining on the sticker.

Personalized Tags

WTL Tag and Title will process personalized MVA tags where the customer will give four name choices by preference. We will inform individuals if none of the names are available or the MVA tags will be processed with the first available name chosen and the MVA tags will be delivered within five to six weeks

Disability Tags

Permanently handicapped tags, standard renewal procedures apply.

Substitute Tags

We replace tags that are lost or damaged.

Title Services

We offer the following services:

Clear Title

WTL tag and Tile remove lienholder from the title.

Title Registration

We transfer ownership of the title and provide full registration with tags.

Duplicate Title

We provide replacement of original title.

Registration & Renewal

We offer the following services:

Permanent Registration

Two-year registration will be provided with inspection certification.

Temporary Registration

A vehicle not inspected can obtain a 30-day registration. Hard tags are provided. Once the vehicle is inspected, the customer has an option to obtain one or two-year registration.

Registration Renewal

We renew registration 60 days prior to expiration. One or two-year option available.

Important Documents You’ll Need

Before you register your vehicle at Maryland Express Tag and Title, you will need to have the proper paperwork in order.

Ownership Documents

You must be able to prove that the vehicle actually belongs to you. You can do this with the vehicle title from the previous owner. If you purchased the vehicle from a dealer you must have the original bill of sale. If you purchased the vehicle from a private party, and the vehicle is less than 7 years old, you must have a notarized bill of sale.

Financial Documents

If you take out a vehicle loan, you should bring lien and lien holder information when getting your vehicle registered. It’s also important to bring payment for the fees and taxes associated with titling and registration.

Insurance/Inspection Information

Maryland state law takes roadway safety very seriously. You should also bring a Maryland safety inspection certificate and your vehicle’s insurance information when registering your vehicle

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